A curation and reward token designed to enable governance parameters within the UNILAPSE ecosystem.

From its inception, UNILAPSE has embraced web3 as a core component of its identity. Built on open-source ERC-721 smart contracts and various supported blockchains, UNILAPSE ensures that all transactions are on-chain (providing transparent provenance) and non-custodial (meaning that UNILAPSE never takes possession of users' funds or art).

We believe that web3 heralds a new era of the internet, one in which platform users can also be its owners, actively contributing to its growth and reaping the benefits of its value creation.

To fully tap into web3's potential, UNILAPSE is implementing a progressive decentralization approach, with the ultimate goal of transferring ownership and curation of the network to the community. Curation responsibilities will be progressively delegated to our community of artists, collectors, and curators through a new UNILAPSE curation token, UNI.

As the network evolves, UNILAPSE is committed to empowering community members by offering incentives for active curation. Before achieving full on-chain curation, UNI will enable the community to govern specific network parameters, including commissions and grants. This strategy positions UNILAPSE at the cutting edge of innovation while nurturing a vibrant, engaged, and decentralized community.

Additionally, UNI serves as both a utility and reward token. To optimize the use of UNI, UNILAPSE is dedicated to leveraging UNI within UNIVERSE (the DAO Community), E2E rewards, and as a payment method for NFTs and other related services on the network.

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