UNILAPSE, incorporates a core element called UNIVERSE – a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) community that plays a crucial role in governing various aspects of the platform. UNILAPSE is built on the foundation of decentralization, with DAO being at its core. The UNIVERSE community is operated through 'SNAPSHOT,' a decentralized DAO platform.

As a member of the UNIVERSE community, UNI token holders are eligible to participate in various governance functions, including voting on proposals, taking part in voting participation, utilizing the treasury, and more. Additionally, they can earn curation fees when their curated artworks are sold, including all secondary sales. The fee rate stands at 3% of the sale price and is paid from the reward token allocation.

All decisions within the UNIVERSE community must be supported by a simple majority vote. Members holding a certain amount of UNI tokens can make suggestions related to the operation of UNILAPSE. Each agenda may employ different voting methods, such as erc20-balance-of, ticket, erc721, whitelist, delegation, contract-call, and more.

While specific reward schemes and treasury management plans are not yet available, they will be proposed through the SNAPSHOT platform in due course. UNILAPSE's core philosophy is to operate in tandem with the community, ensuring that all decisions and operations are transparent and decentralized, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

SNAPSHOT: The Ideal DAO Tool

Snapshot is a decentralized, gasless, and open-source governance tool that has been chosen as the ideal platform for the UNIVERSE DAO community within UNILAPSE. It offers several benefits that make it a perfect fit for managing a decentralized community. Here's an introduction to Snapshot and why it has been selected for the UNIVERSE DAO community:

  1. Gasless Voting: One of the main advantages of Snapshot is its gasless voting mechanism, which allows participants to cast their votes without incurring any gas fees. This feature encourages higher participation rates within the community, as members can freely express their opinions without worrying about transaction costs.

  2. Safe Multi-Sig Functionality: Snapshot offers secure multi-signature functions that enhance the overall security and trust within the DAO community. This feature ensures that critical decisions and transactions require approval from multiple trusted parties, reducing the risk of malicious actions.

  3. Custom ENS Domain Support: Snapshot allows the use of custom ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domains at a low cost. This feature enables the UNIVERSE community to have a recognizable and easy-to-remember domain name, promoting a stronger brand identity and improved user experience.

  4. Open-Source and Decentralized: Snapshot is an open-source platform, promoting transparency and enabling continuous development through community contributions. Its decentralized nature aligns with UNILAPSE's core philosophy of operating with the community, ensuring that decisions and operations remain transparent and decentralized.

By utilizing Snapshot as the governance tool for the UNIVERSE DAO community, UNILAPSE benefits from its gasless voting, secure multi-signature features, custom ENS domain support, and open-source nature. These advantages make Snapshot the perfect choice for fostering a vibrant, engaged, and decentralized community within the UNILAPSE ecosystem. For further information please visit below doc: SNAPSHOT DOC

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