Smart Contract Audit by 'SLOWMIST'

The SlowMist Security Team received the team's application for smart contract security audit of the UNILAPSE (UNI) on 2023.03.27. The following are the details and results of this smart contract security audit:

Token Name : UNILAPSE (UNI)

The contract address :

The audit items and results :

(Other unknown security vulnerabilities are not included in the audit responsibility scope)

Audit Result : Passed

Audit Number : 0X002303290001

Audit Date : 27 Mar 2023 - 29 Mar 2023

Audit Team : SlowMist Security Team

Summary conclusion : This is a token contract that does not contain the tokenVault section and dark coin functions. The total amount of contract tokens remains unchageable. SafeMath security module is used, which is a recommended approach. The contract does not have the Overflow and the Race Conditions issue.

For detailed information please follow the link below :


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