UNILAPSE is a cutting-edge NFT platform designed to empower artists and collectors by offering a diverse range of features and functionalities that break down barriers and unlock new possibilities. Our platform is built on the foundation of decentralization, offering users full control over their assets and decision-making processes. Here is an overview of the key features that make UNILAPSE stand out in the crowded NFT marketplace:

  1. Multiple Payment Options: Our platform supports five different payment methods to facilitate seamless transactions for users. These include UNI token, MATIC, ETH, KLAY, and BNB, providing flexibility and convenience for both artists and collectors.

  2. Integration with OpenSea: UNILAPSE is integrated with OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace. This allows users to view and buy NFTs listed on OpenSea directly through our platform, further increasing the visibility and reach of artists' creations.

  3. DAO Governance: The UNILAPSE platform is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where members actively participate in making important decisions related to NFT pricing, artist selection, and other operational matters.

  4. Rich Content and Interaction: We offer professional columns, user opinion boards, and dedicated spaces for artists and brands, fostering a vibrant and engaged community that encourages creative expression, dialogue, and collaboration.

  5. Decentralized User Experience: UNILAPSE is a fully decentralized platform, with users logging in and minting NFTs through their personal wallets. This ensures the utmost security and control over their digital assets.

  6. Snapshot-based DAO: To further reinforce our commitment to decentralization, UNILAPSE's DAO is operated through the Snapshot platform, a widely respected decentralized governance tool that facilitates transparent and tamper-proof decision-making.

By offering a comprehensive suite of features and focusing on decentralization, UNILAPSE aims to provide artists and collectors with a flexible, secure, and user-friendly platform for minting, showcasing, and trading NFTs. Our commitment to empowering creators and fostering a vibrant community sets us apart in the rapidly evolving world of digital art and collectibles.

Multi-chain Support

UNILAPSE enables artists to mint and showcase their NFTs on four different networks - Polygon, Ethereum, Klaytn, and Binance Smart Chain. This flexibility ensures that artists are not confined to a single network, providing them with greater exposure and access to a wider audience. The respective contracts for each network are as follows:


Minting Procedure

All minting and listing processes occur through the network, reflecting UNILAPSE's core commitment to decentralization.

UNILAPSE supports ERC-721-based NFT smart contracts to uphold the quality and uniqueness of each artwork. Artists who wish to mint multiple NFTs with the same artwork may do so without restrictions, but they should include the total number of issued NFTs in the metadata during the minting process.

Artists have the technical capability to set royalties ranging from 0% to 97.5%. However, UNILAPSE recommends a standard royalty rate of 5%. Artists who want to set royalties beyond the recommended rate must obtain approval through a UNIVERSE vote.

Platform Fee

UNILAPSE is committed to providing a transparent and fair fee structure for artists, sellers, and the DAO Community. Here's an overview of the fee distribution for the NFT curation platform:

  1. Primary Sales by Artists:

    • 97.5% of the sale goes to the artist.

    • 2.5% is charged as a network fee by UNILAPSE.

    • 3% curation fee is allocated from the reward token pool and distributed to the DAO Community, known as UNIVERSE.

  2. Secondary Sales:

    • 95% of the sale goes to the seller.

    • 5% is paid to the artist as a royalty.

    • 3% curation fee is allocated from the reward token pool and distributed to the DAO Community, known as UNIVERSE.

This fee structure ensures that artists, sellers, and the UNIVERSE DAO Community benefit fairly from their contributions and participation in the UNILAPSE NFT curation platform.

Opensea integration

UNILAPSE seamlessly integrates with OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, to offer users a streamlined and efficient experience. The integration provides numerous benefits and features for artists and collectors alike. Here's an overview of how UNILAPSE is integrated with OpenSea:

  1. Cross-Listing Functionality: NFTs listed on OpenSea can also be listed on UNILAPSE, providing artists with increased visibility across both platforms. Furthermore, UNILAPSE supports real-time purchasing functionality, allowing users to buy NFTs directly without the need to visit OpenSea.

  2. UNILAPSE Collection Fee Rate: For OpenSea transactions involving UNILAPSE collections, a 10% collection fee rate is applied, which consists of a 2.5% OpenSea fee and a 7.5% royalty to UNILAPSE.

  3. Independent Fee Rates for Other Collections: All other collections retain their respective fee rates, even when traded within the UNILAPSE platform.

  4. Enhanced Exposure for Artists: The integration between UNILAPSE and OpenSea significantly amplifies artists' exposure, as their creations are made available to a broader audience across both marketplaces.

This integration between UNILAPSE and OpenSea ensures a seamless user experience and provides artists with increased visibility, ultimately benefiting everyone involved in the NFT ecosystem.

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